Richmond Bridge Association

September 4, 2015
Welcome to the Official Site for the Richmond Bridge Association, Unit 109, part of District 6 of the American Contract Bridge League! Here you will find information on duplicate bridge in central Virginia.

Where is Unit 109?

NAP Qualifiers

Pre-registration: Pre-registration is required in order to play in the District Finals. Pairs must pre-register (envelopes must be postmarked or money received) by September 10th, 2015. Please include the name and ACBL number for each player. You and your partner must pre-register as a pair and not as individual

In order to pre-register for the Northern events,  mail a check made payable to District 6 in the amount of $50.00, to cover two (2) sessions of the event, to District 6, POB 3329, Silver Spring MD 20918.  

In order to pre-register for the Southern events,  mail a check made payable to District 6 in the amount of $50.00, to cover two (2) sessions of the event, to Barry Fratkin, 1935 Hickoryridge Road, Richmond, VA 23238.

Events for which a viable number of players do not pre-register will be cancelled. Note: If the minimum number of tables has pre-registered by the deadline, additional pairs may be allowed to pre-register until the day before the event if the movement would not suffer from the addition.

Withdrawal: Once a player has entered the District Final, he/she is expected to complete the event unless eliminated in a qualifying round. Withdrawal will be permitted in emergencies (serious situations which occur unexpectedly and mandate immediate attention) only.

Date and Locations: The District 6 Final for all flights is the weekend of September 19-20 2015.  

The Northern site (all flights) is the White Oak Community Center, 1700 April Lane, Silver Spring MD 20904. Game time on Saturday is noon; game time on Sunday is 11 am.  

The Southern site (0-2500 and NLM only) is the Clarion Hotel Central, 3207 North Boulevard Richmond VA 23230. Game time is 10:30 and TBA both days.  

The Open Flight and 0-2500 Flight Finals will be 4-session events, with roughly 50% of the field qualifying for the second day. The NLM Flight Final will be a 2-session event held on Sunday, September 20 only. (NLM eligible players may play in the Open or 0-2500 event on Saturday and in the NLM event on Sunday if they don’t qualify for the second day.)

Qualification to the National Level: The top 3 pairs in the Open Flight and the top 4 pairs in the 0-2500 and NLM Flights will qualify for the National Finals. The top 2 pairs will be subsidized by the ACBL: the first place pairs receiving $700 per person, and the second place pairs receiving $300 per person. District 6 will subsidize the second, third and fourth place pairs as follows:  The second place pairs will receive $200 per person in addition to the ACBL subsidy. Third place pairs will receive $300 per person. Fourth place in the 0-2500 and NLM will receives $200 per person.

The National Finals will be held during the NABC in Reno NV. The National Final for the Open Flight will be held Wednesday and Thursday, March 9-10, 2016. The National Finals for the 0-2500 and NLM Flights will be held Sunday and Monday, March 13-14 2016.

District 6 NAP Coordinator

Barbara Doran
1107 Dale Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910-1607
(301) 608-0347 home

Complete Conditions of Contest

Congeniality Trophy

winnie2015Winnie Fratkin won the Sheila Kleiman Congeniality Trophy at the May meeting. However, it was finally engraved and presented to her on Friday, August 8. Winnie is friendly and polite to to everyone at the table, including her huband, Barry. She enjoys baking treats for the players, and almost always brings a cake or some cookies to share. She is truly deserving of this honorable trophy, and Richmond is lucky to know such a wonderful lady.

The Congeniality Trophy has been a part of Richmond bridge since 1972. It was renamed the Sheila Kleiman Congeniality trophy in 2006, in honor of its 1992 recipient, the late Sheila Kleiman.

Click here to see past recipients of the Congeniality Trophy.

Learn to Play Bridge

Since launching last year, more than 16,000 people have registered on the ACBL’s Learn To Play Bridge website. With learning modules that cover play of the hand and bidding, it’s the perfect opportunity for students to practice their skills at home. From Trump Suits and Minor/Major Opening to Finesses and Overcalls, students will get the chance to play 20-50 hands in each module.

Accessing Learn To Play Bridge is easy. Simply visit to get started. Registration is not required, but it’s encouraged so students can track their progress. To keep it simple, they have created a handout for students with instructions for accessing the learning modules. All you have to do is to practice at home!

All in Fun

Ishac NasriRecently Ishac Nasri spilled coffee all over his clean white shirt, so Roger and Ann Harris presented him with a bib and sippy cup. If you can’t read it, the bib says “Of course I’m cute,” and he certainly is!