Richmond Bridge Association

May 28, 2015
Welcome to the Official Site for the Richmond Bridge Association, Unit 109, part of District 6 of the American Contract Bridge League! Here you will find information on duplicate bridge in central Virginia.

Where is Unit 109?

RBA May Meeting

Stu Kleiman announces Winnie Fratkin Congeniality Award winner

Stu Kleiman announces Winnie Fratkin Congeniality Award winner

The RBA May business meeting was held during the Regional on May 20, 2015.

Awards were announced for Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs:

James Van Fleet (0-5), Donnie Walsh (5-20), Tom Kasvin (20-50), Clay McCaskey (50-100), Parke Messier (100-200), Neil Gilmartin  (200-300), Neil Spokes (300-500), Patti Martin (500-1000), Ruth Bellet (1000-2500), Felix Maddox IV (2500-5000), Jim O’Neil (5000-7500), Harry Gellis (7500-10,000)

Awards were announced for Mini McKinney:

James Van Fleet (0-5), Donnie Walsh (5-20), Christine D’Ambra (20-50), Clay McCaskey (50-100), Susan Eckis (100-200), Bryan Selz (200-300), Marc Warner (300-500), Patti Martin (500-1000), Becky Duty (1000-2500), Rick Deyerle (2500-5000), Jim O’Neil (5000-7500), Harry Gellis (7500-10,000)

Sheila Kleiman Congeniality Award:  Presented to the deserving Winnie Fratkin.

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Unit 109 Retains Challenge Trophy

Led by a powerful performance from its Open and under 10,000 teams, RBA defended its Challenge Trophy by beating Units 146 (Tidewater) and 110 (Peninsula) Saturday in Richmond at the Clarion Hotel. The contest pits 10 teams in three flights from Unit 109 (RBA), Unit 146 (Tidewater) and Unit 110 (Peninsula)

The experienced team of Mike Fine, Dickie Hamilton, Dale Dermer and John Kloke scored 118 points out of a possible 160 (73.75%), winning seven of their eight matches. Just five points behind was the team of Harry Gellis, Bob Pustilnik, Dewayne Jones and Marc Warner who also won seven matches, scoring 113 points (70.62%).

Completing the sweep of the top three places was the team of Paul McGowan, Ed Kinlaw, Franklin Price and Denis Klein with 90 points and a first place finish in the under 10,000 strata. The Flight I team of Pam Farrar, Ron Heisler, Carol Leeds, Pat McDermott/Linda MacCleave won five of their eight matches for 81 more points, giving Richmond 402 points, 100 more than Tidewater.

Flight II was for teams with less than 7,500 master points and the team of Ann Burrus, Gene South, Barry and Winnie Fratkin came in fourth among 12 teams, adding 63 points to the RBA total.

In Flight III (under 2,000 points) the team of Anne Atwood, Susan McLaughlin, Clay McCaskey and Jack Spooner came in third out of 12, while the team of Chris D’Ambra, Donnie Walsh, Tom Kasvin and Mary Baril placed first in the under 500 strata. They were spurred on by a seven club contract, bid and made by Mary.

Adding to the winning total were the Flight II teams of Neil and Helen Moran, Paul Anderson and Sue Sims and the team of AnnRae Gershman, Govind Narayan, Ruth Miles and Randall Holden and the Flight III team of Nancy Golden, Sue Hall, Zubair and Loretta Hassan.

Richmond scored 735 points, beating Tidewater (697) and Peninsula (588). Congratulations to everyone who played. Special kudos to team captain Ed Kinlaw who put the teams together and to Jim Creech who directed the tournament.

RBA Unit 109 Annual Meeting

The RBA Unit 109 Annual Meeting will be held Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 4:45 p.m.between sessions of the Richmond Memorial Day Regional.

DoubleTree Inn, 10800 Midlothian Turnpike
(Chesterfield Room on the first floor)

This meeting is our non-election year. Awards will be given to the Mini-McKenney, Ace of Clubs and RBA winners as well as the Sheila Kleiman Congeniality Award.

There will be a light dinner available for those attending the meeting, giving you ample time to register and play in the 7:00 p.m. events.