Virtual Games in 109

Unit 109 sponsors games for online play to help us survive this time of social distancing. These games can be found on Join us when you can! See Results.

Day Time Type Club Sponsor Contact
Monday 2:15 pm <3500 The Bridge Center Mimi Pustilnik
Tuesday 12:00 noon <3000 Tricities Susan MacLaughlin
Tuesday 7:00 pm <500 Friendly Bridge Harry Alferink
Wednesday 1:15 pm Open The Bridge Center Harry Alferink
Wednesday (7/15) 6:35 pm Open Bridge Center/Friendly Bridge Bob MacCleave
Thursday 1:15 pm <1500 The Bridge Center Mimi Pustilnik
Friday 1:15 <500 The Bridge Center Linda MacCleave
Sunday 1:15 pm <500 Friendly Bridge Linda MacCleave
Sunday 6:35 <200 Friendly Bridge Paul Anderson

ACBL Endless Summer Tournament June 25-28

Celebrate warmer days and moonlit nights with the Endless Summer Tournament – your next chance to win gold and red masterpoints® online!

After listening to your feedback, we are happy to introduce our second regionally rated event to be held on Bridge Base Online (BBO). The Endless Summer Tournament spans four days (June 25-28, Thurs.-Sun.) and is filled with pair events for every level. Start times are staggered and spread throughout the day, so you’ll have several opportunities to play.

See our printable schedule for a daily list of games, including both one- and two-sessions events. (If you see the name of an event twice, note that they are the first and second sessions of the same event.) Sessions are 18 boards, seven minutes per board. Entries are $15 per player, per session for all events.

After familiarizing yourself with the schedule, go through our Online Tournament Checklist and the FAQ to ensure you have all you need. You may also want to review our BBO tutorials.

Gold points and golden sunshine! Here’s to an endless summer!

Schedule                          Checklist

Important ACBL Announcement

Dear Member,

Due to the ongoing risk posed by the coronavirus, the ACBL is canceling the 2020 Fall North American Bridge Championships, scheduled for November 26-December 6, 2020, in Tampa FL.

With this same concern, ACBL will not staff any sectionals or regionals with tournament directors for the remainder of 2020. This removes any possibility for face-to-face tournaments awarding ACBL masterpoints® during the balance of the year.

It is the right thing to do. The safety of our members – the community most at risk for COVID-19 – and our employees is of paramount importance to us. At this time, we cannot ask players or staff to travel and risk exposure.

ACBL management and the Board of Directors found this a difficult decision to make. However, the facts are clear, and we must act based on the well-being of our membership and our staff.

We will continue to offer chances to play and win black, silver, red and gold masterpoints on Bridge Base Online. Details of ongoing and special events along with Virtual Clubs can be found at

Joseph Jones
ACBL Executive Director
June 18, 2020

ACBL and Alzheimer’s Association Partnership June 20-21

On June 20 and June 21 we will hold Longest Day virtual games for the Bridge Center and Friendly Bridge clubs on BBO. These games will be $8. All the money will go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Game Times

June 20
9:10 am: Bridge Center (open)
1:15 pm: Friendly Bridge (0-500)
6:00 pm: Bridge Center (open)
June 21
2:15 pm: Friendly Bridge (0-500)

If you would like to give additional money to the Foundation, mail your check to:

Landon Woody
1611 Confederate Ave.
Richmond, VA 23227

The Longest Day is an annual fundraising event held to support the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by the Alzheimer’s Association. This is the eighth year of our partnership with the organization, and our community has raised more than $6 million! (Funds raised in Canada are donated to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.)

The event spans the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, and symbolizes the challenging journey of those living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

Bridge is uniquely suited for The Longest Day because studies have shown that playing strategic games, like bridge, help keep your brain healthy. The Alzheimer’s Association has even included playing bridge on its list of 10 Ways to Love Your Brain.

For 2020, sanction fees from games held in Virtual Clubs on the weekend of The Longest Day (Sat-Sun., June 20-21) will be donated. To learn more about Virtual Clubs, visit

The Story of Bridge in Richmond

Recently Dickie Hamilton took the time to talk to Bobby Pustilnik and Govind Narayan about the Story of Bridge in Richmond, starting at a time before there was a Bridge Center and including his thoughts on the future of the game. The discussion was videotaped.

For your convenience there is a 10 minute version of the discussion. For you to have the more full experience there is a 90 minute version of the discussion also. The videos are on a new YouTube channel, where more content will find its way. So, beyond just viewing the videos please take a moment to like the videos and subscribe to the channel.