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Welcome to the Official Site for the Richmond Bridge Association, Unit 109, part of District 6 of the American Contract Bridge League! Here you will find information on duplicate bridge in central Virginia.

Where is Unit 109?

The Confusing Game of “Bridge”

Bridge HandOne thousand Master Points, I have to my name.
But confusion today is the weakness of my game.
Back in the fifties, it was Culbertson’s rule,
Two and a half tricks to open, or you were a fool.

Then in the sixties, Goren appeared on the scene.
Point count developed, thirteen in hand must be seen.
“Jump shift” by responder showed a most powerful hand,
While today bid is weak, and shows cards so bland.

“Transfers” are something we need not discuss.
Non existent back then, so we not need to fuss.
In late sixties Stayman came, to find four card major fit.
So a four-four fit after No-trump, you could in comfort sit.

How the bidding has changed from summers through the winters.
Someone actually came up, with the idea of bidding “Splinters.”
You open a Club & hear a Spade, does partner have four or five?
“New Minor Forcing” tells you, and keeps the bidding alive.

There are so many, many more, conventions of your choice,
It makes no sense to play them all, and yearn to use your voice.
So sit down with your partner before you start to play,
And decide your likes and dislikes, to enjoy your Bridge today.

Bob Jacobson

Feb 13: Sweethearts Bridge Game

CupidLooking for something Special to do for your Valentine?

Join your bridge friends for A Sweetheart of a Bridge Game! Play bridge with your significant other in a Valentine bridge game at The Bridge Center, Saturday, February 13, 2016, at 1:00 p.m.

This game is reserved for spouses and significant others playing as a pair.

Prizes and Points
Gift Certificates – Free Plays
Limited to the first 40 couples
Sign up at The Bridge Center or call Mimi at 303-9993
Separate Games for 0-299 and a Stratified Open
All for just $16.00 a couple

Jan 26: Parking at Bridge Center

The Bridge Center parking lot has been partially cleared. However, parking is limited due to piles of snow. You may be able to find some parking at the Holiday Inn parking lot or the Crossroads shopping center. Be very careful walking regardless of where you find parking.

Richmond Sectional: Jan 22-24

We are so sorry to report that the Sectional has been canceled due to a winter storm that will hit Richmond beginning Friday afternoon. Stay warm and safe. We will see you at our next Sectional in Fredericksburg March 18-20.

January Rank Achievements

Two new ranks have been added to the ACBL rank achievements beyond life master, Sapphire Life Master (3500+) and Ruby Life Master (1500+).

Congratulations to all in Unit 109 who have achieved a new rank as of January 2016, especially:

Life Master
Liz Alexander

Bronze Life Master
Joan Burgess, Ronald Vande Bunte, Marc Warner

Ruby Life Master
Ernest Bartholomew, Sherrill Bartholomew, Dwakar Bhargava, Jim Blackwelder, Marjorie Bribitzer, Jack Buchanan, Verla Burgess, Fletcher Catlett, James Creech, Marguerite Crews, Marilyn Daignault, Virginia Flanagan, Art Florack, Stanley Ford, Joy Frese, Ann Rae Gershman, Tony Graziano, Nadine Griffin, Deborah Hage, Paul Haselbush, Ron Heisler, Ellen Hollands, Doug Hudgins, Ed Kinlaw, Stuart Kleiman, Denis Klein, Patti Martin, Pat McDermott, Francis McMullan, Neil Moran, Toni Morton, Jean Oakey, Jo Petranka, Franklin Price, Mimi Pustilnik, Corbin Rankin, Laura Schooley, Peggy Shiflett, Jacki Shuman, Gene South, Steve Sperry, Joe Wallen, Neal Walters, Will Williams, Michael Williams

Sapphire Life Master
Alice Brown, Ann Burruss, Rick Deyerle, John Kloke, Felix Maddox, Mike Spooner

For a complete listing of all January rank changes, go to