Richmond Bridge Association

July 22, 2014
Welcome to the Official Site for the Richmond Bridge Association, Unit 109, part of District 6 of the American Contract Bridge League! Here you will find information on duplicate bridge in central Virginia.

Where is Unit 109?

What Should We Play?

Here is a great handout by Larry Cohen on the best conventions to play. Larry says that playing more conventions than this is counterproductive for 99% of players. He also says, “My observation is that at every level of the game, players are using too many conventions. Too often I see players (from beginner to world champion) misusing or forgetting their methods.”

If you use this handout on your computer, every underlined blue link will lead you to Cohen’s excellent explanation of that convention. I have also added this to the Lesson Handouts page.

What Should We Play? by Larry Cohen

Thanks to Clay McCaskey for sending this excellent article to me.

Bridge Center Birthday and New Life Master Party June 28

On Saturday afternoon, June 28, the Bridge Center hosted a party to celebrate their 53rd birthday along with celebrating 14 new life masters. The new life masters honored included Anne Alferink, Harry Alferink, Margaret Anderson, Anne Atwood, Sara Browning, Carol Hayward, Richard Klaas, Richard Nuckols, Judith Quate, Mike Salmon, Pat Scheerer, Joan Short, Les Wagner, and Anne West. Nine of the new life masters were in attendance.

New Life Masters, June 28, 2014

New life masters standing: Joan Short, Sarah Browning, Margaret Anderson, Anne Alferink, Harry Alferink, Judith Quate, Mike Salmon, Pat Sheerer, Anne Atwood

Linda’s Poem

Results of game

NLM Tournament Sept 20-21

Please note new location for the NLM tournament on 20-21 Sep. Also, please note that if you are a NLM with fewer than 750 MP’s you are welcome to come and play. Saturday is a great day to play as you now get 40% more points as it will be “grass roots” day.

Sectional Results June 20-22

The Richmond Summer Sectional was one of our best attended for June with 211 tables in play during the three days. Our new venue, the Clarion Hotel Central, was well received. The next sectional will be October 10-12 at the Clarion.
The top point getters were:
  1. 20.57 Shawn Stringer, Silver Spring MD
  2. 20.57 Richard Deyerle, Glen Allen VA
  3. 20.27 Robert Pustilnik, Richmond VA
  4. 18.16 Rebecca Duty, Richmond VA
  5. 15.80 Harry Gellis, Midlothian VA

List of Unit 109 Masterpoint winners