Virtual Games in 109

Unit 109 sponsors games for online play to help us survive this time of social distancing. These games can be found on Join us when you can!

Day Time Type Club Sponsor Contact
Monday 2:15 pm Open The Bridge Center Harry Alferink
Tuesday 12:00 noon Open Tricities Susan MacLaughlin
Tuesday 7:00 pm <500 Friendly Bridge Harry Alferink
Wednesday 1:15 pm Open The Bridge Center Mimi Pustilnik
Thursday 1:15 pm <1500 The Bridge Center Mimi Pustilnik
Sunday 2:15 pm <500 Friendly Bridge Linda MacCleave

RBA Slate of Officers for 2020-2022

The following slate of officers has been presented to membership. The May business meeting has been postponed due to the coronavirus. The voting will the delayed until we can get together. The board member that does not need to be voted is Immediate Past President, Barry Fratkin. When the new president takes office, she will appoint four additional board members.

2020-2022 Slate

President: Anne Atwood
Vice President: Ruth Miles
Treasurer: Tom Kasvin
Secretary: Karen Hamlett

Board: Landon Woody
Board: Peter Martin
Board: Ed Kinlaw
Board: Francis Terminella

Silver Points Online!

Recent online bridge games have awarded black, red and gold masterpoints® to players, but what about silver points?

Here comes Silver Linings Week: Behind Every Board are Silver Points! It’s a new event during the week of May 25-31 (Monday-Sunday) where you can earn silver points in Virtual Club games on Bridge Base Online (

If you’re not familiar with a Virtual Club yet, it’s an online space on BBO just for your regular club – usual games with your friends to support your local club.

Silver Linings Week builds upon that. For this week only, all games in Virtual Clubs will award triple points, and the points will be silver! (This isn’t the same as a STaC.)

Haven’t been playing in a Virtual Club? Check with your club manager to see if your local club is already on BBO or ask him or her to sign up today.

Local Virtual Clubs

Richmond/Fredericksburg: The Bridge Center: Mondays at 2:15, Wednesdays at 1:15, Thursdays at 1:15 (0-1500 only)
Contact: Mimi Pustilnik
Richmond/Fredericksburg: RBA Friendly Bridge: Sundays at 2:15, Tuesdays at 7:00 pm (0-500 both games)
Contact: Linda MacCleave
Colonial Heights: Tricities Bridge Club: Tuesdays at 12:00 noon
Contact: Susan MacLaughlin

New Bridge Center Virtual Game on Mondays

There is a new game in town. The Bridge Center has added a third, weekly game to its BBO lineup starting Monday, May 11 at 2:15 p.m. (note time).

This is an open, stratified game, 18 boards that take just over two hours.

Please register early. You and your partner must be online at the same time to enter. You can sign up as early as two hours before game time (12:15 p.m.). See the RBA website for more information on how to play in online games.

Also, there is an open game on Wednesdays at 1:15 p.m. and a Thursday game at 1:15 p.m. for players with less than 1500 points.